Logitech has just announced a new iOS speaker with a difference – wireless streaming via AirPlay. The UE Air Speaker draws on the successful UE earphone range name and brings it to your home for everyone to enjoy.

A great design, combined with sound quality driven by the dual tweeters and woofers makes the UE a great product for the iPhone or iPad audio dock market.

Priced at just under $500 this is one expensive piece of kit. however it has a key feature to set it apart: Wireless streaming from your iOS device. So with a simple WiFi connection you can use the Airplay function of your iOS device to ‘push’ your music to the UE Air Speaker.

Logitech claim setup is as simple as connecting your device, downloading the Logitech UE Air app and connecting the unit to your WiFi.

The UE Air Speaker will be available early May in Australia

Price: $499
Web: Logitech