If you don’t have surround sound, you aren’t getting the most out of your DVDs or Blu-rays. Bing Lee has a cracker bargain today, offering a 5.1 speaker system from Yamaha for just $150!

The stylish NS-P285 system from Yamaha isn’t going to blow away your neighbours like the speaker system from Back to the Future, but it will bring out the benefits of surround sound on almost every movie you watch. The satellite speakers are all wall mountable if you’re handy at hiding cables, or come with stands if you’re not, while the subwoofer is small enough to hide away (not so) quietly in a corner.

You will still need a receiver to take proper advantage of the speakers, but for the price, you probably won’t find a better audio solution for the home theatre.

Price: $149
Web: Bing Lee
Via: OzBargain