Roborock has been making home robotic products for a while now, so it is no surprise to see their new intelligent home cleaning devices showing a maturity that many other manufacturers continue to strive for.

The new Q Revo from Roborock is an all-in-one vacuum and mopping system with a host of premium features including LiDAR mapping, auto-dust emptying to deliver efficient, effective cleaning.

The Q Revo introduces a new mopping system for Roborock which is a dual-spinning mop system that cleans floors at 200RPM while also including an automatic mop lifting feature that allows the Q Revo to mop floors and vacuum without leaving dirt streaks behind.

The vacuuming capabilities of the new Q Revo include extreme suction power of 5,500Pa, an all-rubber brush, obstacle avoidance to navigate around items on the floor across all floor surfaces. To do so, it uses LiDAR to create maps of the areas to clean so that not only doesn’t miss any areas, but covers the areas in the most efficient way possible.

Once it has finished vacuuming it returns to the new multifunctional dock which is self-emptying, self-refilling, mop washing and auto-drying — yes it seems that it does it all. Roborock say that the bag within the dock can hold up to seven weeks of cleaning dust making the entire process more convenient. Of course, the dock also charges the Q Revo 
“To make these innovations more accessible to a wider audience, Roborock has continuously improved and expanded its product range. This commitment to innovation brings us to the introduction of the Q Revo. With the Q Revo, we aim to bring the exceptional features previously exclusive to our flagship models to a broader customer base, ensuring that more people can enjoy the remarkable advancements that have made our brand synonymous with cutting-edge technology and performance,” says Jade Tang, Head of Marketing, Roborock. 

The Q Revo is controlled within the Roborock app giving the user complete control over the cleaning experience. 

The Roborock Q Revo will be available for purchase at JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman, David Jones, Roborock Online Store, Robot Specialist, Mobileciti and Godfreys now for RRP $1,999AUD.  To learn more about the new robot cleaning solution from Roborock head on over to the Q Revo website now.