If you’re the type of person who has a butler for the sole purpose of typing URLs into your browser, then tell him to head over to Million Dollar Deal, a new “bargain” website for the exceptionally wealthy.

While most daily deal webvsites are all about offering cheap, affordable products, Million Dollar Deal is about offering ridiculously expensive ones. Of course, if you have millions of dollars to spend, you probably didn’t make that money by paying full price for everything.

The site has a real focus on experiences rather than products, although you can expect to see bargains on luxury cars and yachts in the future. Things like being able to have a private game of tennis against Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal, for example.

Surprisingly, membership is free, and unlike traditional deal sites, there’s no tipping point before a deal becomes active, instead there are limited numbers of each deal.

While it’s obviously a very niche market, if you do happen to have bucketloads of cash waiting to be spent, you might grab something nice.

Price: $Ridiculously high, no matter what you get
Web: Million Dollar Deal