For a little while now the faithful denim jeans has been less and less visible among men. Modern day males are wearing chinos and leaving their jeans in the cupboard. Yet, for motorbike riders protective gear is a burden and many resolve to the toughest pants they can find, usually denim jeans. For those who stuck with chinos would find themselves in some mischief if they ever had a slide off the bike in an accident.

So with safety and style in mind, Saint was born. An Australian company co-founded by Aidan Clarke who also started 2XU, the successful fitness apparel label. Saint have found a way to make denim up to 200 times stronger than traditional jeans and they haven’t forgotten about chinos either. We’ve been wearing a pair of the black denim jeans and find them really comfortable and practical, even if we don’t ride motorbikes. We had a few questions for Aidan about their products.

What makes your product stronger than anything else on the market?
Our secret sauce is a space age material called Ultra High Molecular Weight polyethylene – we tend to utilise the Dyneema brand. It’s an incredibly tough and high tensile yarn that is stronger than Kevlar and up to 20 times stronger than steel. We have some special ways of spinning and weaving this material to ensure we reach CE levels of safety protection for the motorcycle fabrics – which means capable of sliding down the street for up to 5.9 secs without tearing, if things go random!

What trends are you seeing in jeans vs chinos?
Our choice to produce a chino within our jean offering is as much driven by functional consumer request as any trend. Many workplaces frown upon a casual jean, but accept a stone or black coloured chino.

Your denim is one of the strongest in the world – how durable will the new Works line be
(specifically the chinos)?

Using the Martindale test our mills have proven the SA1NT WORKS denim
stack up around 500% stronger than comparable 12 oz denim.

On average, how much longer do your products last compared to other denim and chino brands on the market? 
Tradies tell us that it’s not uncommon to replace their standard work jeans every few months, due to wear and tear around work site. We’ve already had multiple customers comment how tough their SA1NT gear is, with jeans still going strong from the original product launch in January 2018. We believe for our WORKS denim garments, that are just be a little more premium on price, you’re capable of getting up to 5 times the life cycle.

Were the chinos driven by customer requests? Do you anticipate these will be a popular product?
Absolutely. Customers were asking for a slightly more dressy chino cut, and our enzyme washed fabric has a soft hand feel and great shape. Yet again we feel we’ve nailed form and function, and sales are reflecting that.

More info: Saint