One of the key new features of the new iPad is its improved “iSight” camera.  While the sensor is still only 5 megapixels, the inclusion of the camera technology from the iPhone 4S should theoretically lead to better photos. But does it? We’ve taken a few random shots to test it out.

While not entirely scientific, the concept here was simple.  Pick a few settings (Street, Freeway, Plants) and take a photo with the new iPad and the iPad 2 while standing in the same spot and holding the device the same way.

To get the best view – click the images below for full size shots.

First of all, the pixel density of the photos is dramatically higher.  In this shot you can see a 1:1 comparison of the actual photo size.

new iPad and iPad 2 photos compared - 1:1 size relationship shown.

Next I took a simple shot of a suburban street with each device:

new iPad and iPad 2 photo comparison

Then the freeway still shot on each:

new iPad and iPad 2 photo comparison


And finally an indoor plant wall:

new iPad and iPad 2 photo comparison

It is hard to see in the smaller images, but when you click and view them full size you certainly can see the improvement.

Finally there has been an improvement on the video recording also. Up to 1080p.

Here’s a very simple and quick test in the same freeway location as above on both devices.

First, the iPad 2:

Next, the new iPad:

Overall there is a clear performance jump in photography and video on the new iPad so if that’s an important feature for you the new iPad is without doubt the choice of the two.