Internet search giant Google wants you to give you the power of robot vision. Overnight it showed off its Project Glass concept, which brings augmented reality controls to the real world through a stylish pair of high tech glasses.

Worn like a pair of traditional glasses, the Project Glass glasses have a small window above the right eye that conveys key information. By using voice recognition software, it allows users to see, hear and control their core Android functions like maps, video calls and search through the glasses. In terms of functionality, it kind of looks like a Bluetooth headset with additional visual features thrown in.

The glasses themselves are straight out of science fiction, but with a touch of style that makes them inviting enough for all types of people. It appears from the concept photos that the bulk of the unit sits on the wearer’s right hand side, which could get a little overwhelming after extended use, but helps solidify the awesome sci-fi style.

Rumours say that Google plans to release these by the end of the year. While there’s no evidence that will be the case, here’s hoping it is. The possibilities for augmented reality features with these glasses are almost limitless.

Web: Google