The best April video games

After the massive overload of AAA titles in March, this month is going to be a bit quieter on the gaming front. Of course, that doesn’t mean there’s not stuff to spend your money on…

The Witcher 2

The massively popular PC RPG The Witcher 2 makes its console debut on Xbox this month, and it’s filing the gaps left with the conclusion of Mass Effect 3 and Kingdoms and Amalur. An epic story with amazing visuals, the Xbox version has an extra three hours of gameplay over the PC version, and tells the story of a monster slaying mercenary called Geralt, whose moral decisions completely change the outcome of the game.

Format: Xbox 360
Should I buy it?
If you found the Mass Effect 3 ending a little disappointing, it will fill the hole in your heart.

Devil May Cry HD Collection

If you missed out on playing Devil May Cry growing up, this HD re-release of the original trilogy is a great way to catch up on the groundbreaking action series. Sure, it’s the same old games with a shiny new skin, and there’s no correction of the camera issues that plagued the series, but for a refreshed retro experience of a classic, it’s hard to go past.

Format: Xbox 360, PS3
Should I buy it?
If you want to relive the glory days of the classic game or just want to see what the fuss was about, this is not a bad way to spend your money.

Prototype 2

Shape shifting would be such an amazing superpower, and Prototype 2 lets you experience it through the controller. The sequel addresses many of the original game’s flaws, with a shift to make the protagonist of the first game this game’s villain. The end result looks promising, if you like the idea of almost limitless power and a reason to use it.

Format: Xbox 360, PS3
Should I buy it?
Perhaps. It has a lot of potential and seems to improve on the original in almost every way.

Star Wars: Kinect

Howls of protest have lined the Internet’s echo chamber walls with the discovery of a dance mode in Star Wars: Kinect that lets you make Han Solo bust a move. Unless you’re picking up the limited edition console bundle, steer clear of this game like it’s Jar Jar Binks.

Format: Xbox 360
Should I buy it?
Definitely not.

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