Sometimes you see a trailer for a movie which neither defines nor arouses curiosity in the title. Mansome: The Movie opens up a distinct curiosity which will make you want to watch this movie more and more.

In what looks like a bunch of Hollywood A-list stars getting together to film a comedic documentary on the definition of masculinity, Mansome brings together Will Arnett, Jason Bateman, Ben Silverman, Jude Apatow, Adam Carolla and Old Spice man Isaiah Mustafa among others to discuss all things manly.

These blokes are clearly massive fans of EFTM. This YouTube trailer will give you some idea, but then perhaps it doesn’t.

“Models, actors, experts and comedians weigh in on what it is to be a man in a world where the definition of masculinity has become as diverse as a hipster’s facial hair in Williamsburg.”

See what it did there? Left you wondering, left you intrigued. Let’s embrace our inner masculinity and discuss what it takes to be a man! Head over to the Mansome Facebook page for a whole lot more clips from the movie.

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