Watches are becoming the next bit of kit that new technology is desperate to stamp its mark on. If you’re a lover of classic watches, stop reading now. If not, check out this Android/iOS syncing e-paper watch that looks pretty damn flash.

The Pebble e-paper watch is currently on the Kickstarter website trying to gain some momentum before it goes into mass production. You might say it’s done OK, having broken the Kickstarter record by achieving more than $6 million in pre-sales already. With customisable apps and face plates you can change, it’s sure to be a pretty big hit not just within geek circles but up and down the mean streets of Surry Hills as well. It uses Bluetooth to connect with your phone so there are no messy wires involved. It will come in four colours, with the fourth unconfirmed – you get to vote on that. Don’t worry about battery either, it will last up to seven days.

The video has all the details.