Forget about the man cave. Cancel that mid-life crisis convertible. What you need to do instead is save up $10,000 and build a treehouse in one of the most beautiful parts of the world. Say, Whistler for example.

Joel Allen has done just that. The former software engineer embarked on a project that few would believe plausible – create a great escape in the wilderness for a bargain price. What he came away with was one of the best looking treehouses we have ever seen. Sure, it’s only on 200 square feet, and $10,000 in materials means it’s not the Hilton, but we challenge any man to see a flaw in this idea.

The egg shaped building is suspended against a hemlock tree and built out of materials he sourced from Craigslist – that famous Trading Post style site that can be a bit more sinister than just swapping or selling old crap. Despite its size there is still an office area, loft sleeping arrangement and an outdoor deck with an amazing view.

OK, the idea is still somewhat crazy. But hats off to Allen, what a great escape. These are only a small amount of the images. Hit the link below for all the rest. It’s worth it.

Via: Dream Hatcher
Images: Dream Hatcher