Get in quick there’s just 2000 free personalised bottles available and all you need is an Amazon Alexa enabled speaker.

Coca-Cola Australia has teamed up with Amazon to create the opportunity to get a Coke bottle with your name on it delivered to your door.

I’d like to say “just by asking Alexa”, but it’s not that simple. It is bloody easy though. Took me five minutes.

Lucie Austin from Coca-Cola says “Voice-assisted lifestyles are becoming increasingly popular among consumers so, at Coca-Cola, we are super excited to work with Amazon and build on the success of one of our most iconic campaigns, Share A Coke. This campaign enables customers to Share A Coke in a fun, new and innovative way via Alexa.”

Kate Burleigh who runs the Alexa Skills program in Australia said “Coca-Cola continues to innovate with their Share A Coke campaign and has now taken it to the next level by allowing customers to share a Coke using Alexa. We are always looking for new ways to delight our customers and I expect they will really love the opportunity to get a free personalized Coke with their name on it, just by asking Alexa.”

Here’s how.

Open your Amazon Alexa app – click on Skills – you can’t miss the Coke one:

I clicked it, clicked the speaker on my desk (my Echo Spot) and this appeared:

Alexa asked me for my mobile number, I told her, and then hey presto – a text message from Coke!

Sends me to a website, I type in the name I want on the bottle, then my details, and bingo – we’re done.

I’ll be honest, they suckered me in – and this has to be Coke’s plan – I bought five others, one for all my family members (plus EFTM – that’s Six).

And don’t worry, Amazon is getting their share – they’re trying to upsell Coke personalisation buyers with Echo speakers.

Great partnership, great idea, great use of voice assistance – would be amazingly better if it knew my name, my address and just confirmed all that and sent the coke!

Maybe next time.