Retractable extension cords are super convenient, right up until the moment the end cracks into your ankle while you’re not looking. The RoboReel takes away the dangers of fast recoil by using an electric motor to retract the cable slowly and steadily.

With 15 metres of cable packed inside an oil, gas and chemical resistant dome, the powered RoboReel sucks in the cable fast at first then slows down to prevent injuries at the touch of a button. In built safety mechanisms stop it from retracting while drawing power or if the cable is obstructed while being wound in.

Sadly, it’s not compatible with Aussie powerpoints yet, but for the $US329 asking price, that’s potentially a good thing once you factor in the inevitable Australia tax. Still, it does look like a pretty awesome accessory for your workshed if they ever do release an Aussie version.

Price: $US329
Web: RoboReel
Via: Gizmodo