It’s a touchy subject – you’re walking through the Myer entrance area and doing your best to find a way to dart through to the shirts or shoes and avoid the beauty products – but here’s a tip – there’s some stuff in there that really works, why else do you think your wife is putting all that moisturiser on every day?


We got our hands on some 24-Hour anti-shine moisturiser for men which is part of the “Oil Eliminator” range from Kiehl’s.

I bet you didn’t know men have more sebaceous glands than women did you? Those annoying glands can lead to excess shine, oil and enlarged pores. Plus, blokes sweat more than women.


So, for $40 grab some of the Kiehl’s Anti-shine and put it on day and night – you’ll notice the difference. Don’t tell anyone – but I have – ok?

There’s also Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Face Wash, and Shine Control Toner – but I won’t confirm or deny I’ve tried those.

Father’s day is coming – put some in the goody bag for dad. On sale1stSeptember