There are plenty of people who were huge fans of Aaron Sorkin’s TV series The West Wing – a show which followed the political machinations of the US from inside the White House. After a brief detour into film with The Social Network and Moneyball, Sorkin is back and he’s out to have the same impact on TV News.

Simply titled “The Newsroom“, HBO has released a first look at the show showing the action packed life behind the scenes of a TV newsroom, all focused around the main TV anchor “Will McAvoy”, played by Jeff Daniels.

The Newsroom will also feature Sam Waterson (perhaps best known for his role as Jack McCoy in “Law and Order”), indicating that there’s to be no shortage of star power behind this new show.

Starting in June in the USA, no Aussie network has yet picked it up – but you can bet your bottom dollar they are all negotiating for it.

Here’s the full trailer:

What do you think? Will this have the same impact on the 24-hour news cycle as The West Wing had on politics? Let us know in comments!