As they say in the classics, heeeeeee’s back!

When you think of American food what comes to mind?

A search on the internet suggested apple pie, hamburger, clam chowder, bagels, deep dish pizza, biscuits & gravy, Texas BBQ, tacos, hominy grits and Thanksgiving dinner are America’s finest.

Your immediate reaction may be ‘junk food’ but rest assured some of the best tasting food I have ever eaten has been in the land of the free.  

I recently had lunch with EFTM’s commander Trevor Long and we enjoyed some Texas BBQ not far from EFTM HQ.  It dawned on me, after visiting America many times, that it is sovery hard to find good American food in Australia.

You may have seen Trevor’s constant references to In and Out Burger when he is travelling in the US, forget it, even though it is good, Trevor’s palate is far from extensive. Some of my favourites include home cooked fried chicken with mash potato and gravy in a family restaurant, tacos with unique ingredients that stimulate your taste buds and slow cooked brisket that melts on your tongue before the hot sauce gives you a kick in the face.  I also have to mention a particular favourite, southern gumbo with a bit of spice leaving you wanting more even when you think you cannot eat another thing.

So back to Australia, there is a Chinese, Italian or Thai restaurant in almost every suburb and we have enclaves of Indian or Greek in certain suburbs.  You can even find Spanish food easily but why not American?

I hear you saying burgers are better and I agree since fancy chefs have worked out they can make more money from selling an expensive burger than a degustation.  However good American food is hard to find especially if you want those authentic tastes you find everywhere in America.

So my challenge to the Man Cave is, where do we find this food in Australia?  Hit us up with your favourites. KFC, McDonald’s, Texmex with sour cream and Dominos will be treated with disdain.

Cheers until next week.