QR codes are popping up everywhere these days, and although they’re kind of lame (who wants to scan a barcode to receive marketing materials really?), the Irish beer juggernaut Guinness has created a glass that only displays the code when it’s full of the dark brew.

It doesn’t work when you poor in any old beer either. Ales and lagers do nothing to show off the code – only a dark stout like Guinness will have enough contrast to create the scannable code. And when you do scan the code, you get immediately engaged with those social networky things:

“It tweets about your pint, updates your facebook status, checks you in via 4 square, downloads coupons and promotions, invites your friends to join, and even launches exclusive Guiness content.”

Sure, it would work with any dark beverage, from Coca Cola to Tooheys Old, but as far as QR codes go, it’s easily the coolest we’ve ever seen. No idea if the pints will ever make it to Australia though…

Web: The Dieline