We knew it was coming and now it’s here. Spotify has finally launched in Australia. The best thing about the service is the free version, which means you should go and check it out. Right now.

The free version of the service will give you access to all 16 million songs through the service, but will mix up your songs with advertisements. If that bugs you too much, you can scratch the ads for just $6.99 a month. Paying $11.99 a month will also add in the ability to play back music on your mobile device, as well as download tracks for offline listening.

Pricing-wise, that’s a pretty good deal.Especially when you factor in the added ways of accessing the service. So far this morning, Sonos has announced its support for Spotify, as has Virgin Mobile and Western Digital, which will offer the service through its WD TV media streamers.

In addition to that, Triple J has joined the bandwagon with a Spotify App, which will include previous hottest 100 countdowns, the feature album of the week and new songs from the Triple J hitlist.

Stay tuned for a more detailed review of the service from EFTM, but while you wait for that, go and check out the free service now…

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