Kona Imperial Stout – the perfect Friday arvo drink?

Friday afternoon. At 3pm you will need the inevitable pick-me-up, but very soon you will also be celebrating the end of the working week by knocking back a few brewskis. So why not mix the two and celebrate with this…

The Kona Imperial Stout will let you hold off that coffee an hour and start celebrating the end of the working week early. It’s a beer made from Kona coffee from Hawaii. Created by the Fort Gary Brewing Company, Kona Imperial Stout is brewed with over 50 pounds of rich Kona coffee beans that have been roasted before being mixed with two types of hops and ten different malts. The end results is what Fort Gary calls “intense in-your-face goodness”!

It has a 6.5 per cent alcohol content and only limited quantities are available. It’s unlikely you’ll be able to find it in Australia, but if anyone has, let us know.

Web: Fort Gary Brewing Company
Via: Laughing Squid

Damian Francis has previously edited Australian T3 and F1 Racing magazine and wrote for GQ Australia and Men’s Health. Unlike Nick and Trev, he has no kids, no mortgage and no wife, but lives happily on Sydney’s North Shore with his girlfriend.

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