Mates Rates: Remote controlled hovercraft for just $99

Cars are fun. Boats are cool. But if you really want to become a proper Bond villain, you’ll need a hovercraft. This remote controlled model is the perfect place to start.

Although better known for their collection of random electronics, Retailer JayCar Electronics are also a good source for crazy and cool toys. Looking like a remote control car with no wheels, this RC hovercraft has a thick and strong foam base with a large round hole in the middle. Sitting atop that foam are some simple electronics and remote control servos which power two high speed fans,  one pointing down through the hole in the base to give lift, and the other pointing out the back which swivels on a point to give you directional control.

The remote control feels and looks like it’s worth more than the hovercraft itself, with a very cool flip open cover on the top hiding your power and trim switches.

With a large open space with a hard surface, this is a uniquely awesome remote control experience. It takes no more than a minute to get the hang of the controls, and while a flat hard surface is a must, the hovercraft certainly handles the bumps and cracks of an aged concrete surface with ease.

At just $99 – reduced from its original RRP of $249 – this thing is a steal. 

Web: Jaycar

Price: $99
Web: Jaycar

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