A few months ago we reported on a VB promotion which included, among other prizes, a VB vending machine. It was one of our most popular stories ever on EFTM. The promo is over now, but thanks to VB you have the chance to win THE VERY LAST VB vending machine! 

No, your eyes to not deceive you. VB has very kindly offered up the very last VB vending machine to EFTM readers. All you have to do us ‘like’ us on Facebook and answer a simple question to be in with a chance of winning this once in a lifetime (we might be overplaying this slightly) prize. For those that don’t remember, the VB vending machine was a miniature vending machine that dispensed cans of ice cold… well, anything really, but we know which drink VB would like you to put in it. At the time, we wrote: “Standing at around 1.2 metres tall it is specially designed for VB stubbies and will keep your stash ice cold. It’s a fully functioning machine in the classic shape that will fit well in your man cave or shed. A press of the button delivers an ice cold VB stubbie – so long as you pre-loaded it with one.” No point re-writing that, so there’s the quote!

So, now that you hopefully want one, how do you enter? Simple. First of all, ‘like’ EFTM on Facebook. To do that, click the LIKE button in the form below just before the submit button.. Not hard, really. If you have already ‘liked’ our Facebook page previously, you’re still eligible to enter. Second, fill in the form below! Quite simple really.

Thanks for entering! The comp’s now closed! Winner to be announced!

The competition runs for two weeks so you have until Tuesday the 15th of May, 2011 at 11:59pm to get your entries in! Good luck!

Oh, and if you’re bored, terms and conditions are here.