I love my iPhone as much as the next fella, but does Apple’s smartphone really need a dedicated camera and video shutter button peripheral? Really?

The fact that you can now use the volume button on the iPhone 4/4S to take a photo or start recording video should be enough for most people, but if you take a lot of photos with your iPhone, then something like this might be useful. Plugging into the iPhone’s charging port, the $US40 peripheral adds a dedicated camera shutter and video button to your smartphone, along with a comfortable grip to help you take better photos.

It’s exceptionally well designed, being able to fit over your case as well as your iPhone, adjusting to any size or shape. It also manages to incorporate a tripod connection in the bottom as well.

The downside – and it’s a big one – is that it only works with Belkin’s LiveAction camera app. Not the native camera app, not an app like Instagram, but only Belkin’s app. That’s a pretty huge condition for a $US40 peripheral, and probably enough to dissuade any budding iPhone photographers considering the purchase.

Price: $US40
Web: Photojojo
Via: Uncrate