The toughest decision a man has to face when he buys a new iPad isn’t whether he should opt for the Wi-Fi version or the Wi-Fi + Cellular version, but which case he should wrap around his tablet. The Aranez swivel case doesn’t make that decision easier, but it does make it convenient.

Created by renowned Aussie blogger-turned entrepreneur Arnold Aranez (AKA Mr Gadget), the Aranez swivel case for the new iPad combines premium leather and a clever design to provide not just protection for your iPad, but also a convenient stand for both landscape and portrait modes.

The first thing you notice after inserting your Apple tablet is how deceptively thin the case makes your iPad feel. While it does add a significant amount of bulk to the iPad – which is to be expected given that it protects both the front and back of the tablet – the case doesn’t seem to overwhelm it like other models do. Even better, the black cow’s leather and silver stitching look fantastic, adding class to the raw appeal of the new iPad’s retina screen.

The key selling point for the swivel case though is the whole swivelling action. Thanks to some clever engineering, the case lets you stand your iPad up in either landscape or portrait mode at three different angles, without actually including any moving parts.

This is exceptionally convenient. Over the course of the review, we’ve used the case to stand the iPad up in portrait mode to follow recipes in the kitchen and read Kindle books while feeding a baby, as well as watch TV shows, type emails and edit EFTM in landscape mode.

The case comes with an elastic strap that wraps around the back part to keep your iPad securely protected. Like Apple’s Smart covers, the case features magnets in the front cover to wake the iPad from sleep when you open it up. This is probably the case’s one weakness – Occasionally the elastic isn’t enough, and the cover will wake the iPad even though you haven’t opened it up. All types of beeping and notifications can ensue, which can be a tad annoying in the middle of the night. It only ever happened with the iPad 2 though, so perhaps it’s something to do with the slightly slimmer body.

For $US80, it steers towards the pricey side of things, but it’s definitely a case of getting what you pay for. The leather is evidently premium quality, the stitching is sound and the swivel action is both functional and convenient. If you want to give your iPad a professional, secure finish, this is definitely a great option.

Price: $US80
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