Every man of a certain age grew up wanting to be David Hasselhoff… I mean, Michael Knight in the hit series Knight Rider. His trusty sidekick KITT was a damned near-indestructible Pontiac, and featured some of the coolest tech imaginable for the day.

Fast forward to today, and I bet you never thought you’d come across KITT for sale while browsing “CarSales.com.au“?

31 year old Novocastrian Heath Craddock has spent two and a half years of his life and over $100,000 of his savings building a very true replica of that very car.

His 1982 Pontiac Firebird Trans-Am has been meticulously restored, and more than just making it a sweet ride he’s been able to incorporate all the original features of the TV show car.

The almost three year journey of the build saw a few girlfriends come and go – likely after they realised nothing would take pride of place in Heath’s heart until the build was complete.

Building this replica with his dad Ken concluded with a trip to America where Heath met the original makers of the TV show who had assisted with moulds of the dash and the supply of some of the electronic bits and bobs inside the vehicle.

Remember too – KITT talked, and so does this vehicle.  With audio sourced from the original TV show makers you’ll feel just like the Hoff behind the wheel of this classic.

Heath himself even has the ‘comlink’ wrist watch that the Hoff spoke to KITT through.

A Pontiac like this, well restored might set you back around $20,000.  The additional $55,000 on the price tag makes the KITT factor very pricey – but this is not for tyre kickers.  A genuine Knight Rider fan is the target here, and Heath isn’t taking a cent less for his pride and joy.

Getting older, and owning a home means more responsability and more bills – so having an ‘asset’ like this in the garage isn’t great financial sense for a bloke in his early 30s.  Will he regret selling it in the future?  Possibly. Perhaps in 20 years when Heath has kids and something to look back on he’ll track KITT down and buy him back.

Oh, and the number plates? “KITT”

Price: $75,000
Web: CarSales.com.au

Thanks Paul!