The guys at Melbourne’s StudioProper have just unveiled the next iteration of its amazing Wallee mounting system. The Wallee M uses Neodymium magnets to connect to special mounting discs, and is available to back on Kickstarter.

With the Wallee’s iconic X-shaped mounting system integrated into a special slimline case for the iPhone 4/4S and Galaxy Nexus smartphones in black or white, the new Wallee M mounting system offers the ability to mount your phone pretty much anywhere.

In addition to the simple adhesive mounting strip, there are also new suction in-car mounts and a special pivot stand for mounting your phone either vertically or horizontally on your desk.

The magnets for mounting are only in the accessories, not in the actual case, so there’s no risk of accidentally wiping your credit card should your phone end up in the same pocket as your wallet.

Kickstarter bids start at $40 for a case and a single mounting pad, and climb up to $105 for a case, three mounting pads, a suction mount and pivot stand.

It looks like a great solution to iPhone mounting problems. Hopefully the Kickstarter funding will fly out of the park.

Price: From $40
Web: Kickstarter