A big win for people power tonight with Network Ten announcing that F1 Grands Prix will return to ONE in Adelaide and Perth, ensuring live coverage in all the capital cities.

There is no plan to return the broadcast to ONE in the Eastern states after a successful audience boost for last weekend’s Bahrain GP on main station, Ten.

This is a win for F1 fans. It’s not a solution to the HD problem, but that’s not going to be solved anytime soon. Live F1 across Australia is a good thing – well done to the fans who pressured Ten and the constant reporting across the media of the earlier decision to remove the live broadcasts.

The full statement from Network Ten is available on its website and we’ve posted it below:

Network Ten is committed to bringing Formula One and MotoGP to more viewers and building motorsport’s television presence in Australia.

This was achieved successfully on Sunday night (April 22), when running Round 4 – Formula One Bahrain Grand Prix on TEN produced a 46% increase in viewers in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane compared with the same round last year.

As a result, Network Ten’s broadcast of Formula One and MotoGP will remain live on TEN in the Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane markets.

But we recognise that viewers in Adelaide and Perth want live sport. We acknowledge the concerns expressed by some viewers in those cities about the delayed telecast of Sunday night’s race.

Network Ten has, therefore, decided to broadcast Formula One and MotoGP in Adelaide and Perth live on ONE. Viewers in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane will continue to receive the broadcast live on TEN.

In addition, we will live stream the broadcast on www.tensport.com.au in all markets.