Americans can be accused of a lot of things. Creating weirdly over-sized fast food creations that no one outside of the country (south west perhaps?) would eat is pretty high up on the list. Enter the Bacon Sundae.

In an effort to draw more customers in (yep, that’s apparently the plan with this), Burger King has announced a new menu with the standard special burgers you usually get every season change. But it has also decided to add the Bacon Sundae to the menu.

We understand that bacon pancakes can be quite delicious. A bit of maple syrup, soft pancakes and the salty bacon to cut through the sweet, but this is something else. It is made of vanilla soft serve, soft fudge, creamy caramel and then has bacon bits sprinkled through it. To top it off, a piece of bacon is stuffed in it like a flake on top of a soft serve cone.

There are currently no plans for Burger King Australia to roll out what some a calling a ‘sweet treat’ (we would choose to argue that). But if you’re planning a trip to America soon, all it will cost you is a sugar headache and a possible heart attack… that’s if you make it past the burgers and on to dessert.

Web: Burger King
Via: NY Daily News