There always was the debate around whether to have hot dogs or pizza during the footy. Now we don’t need to have that discussion.


Introduced by Pizza Hut today the stuffed crust Chillidog and Cheesydog is also going to stop the debate about whether you want your pizza hot n spicy or uber cheesy.

The cheesydog is a great pepperoni pizza, the cheese however extends to the edge, over the crust. It seems silly upon first glance but when you start eating your first slice you realise the hotdog is taking shape in your hand. It is like when you watched Mr Squiggle as a kid and the picture made no sense until he flipped the board, it’s that. You’re left with a hotdog ready for a bit of sauce to start your second course.


The chillidog was actually my favourite of the two. I love a bit of spice in my life and the jalapenos did that. The other difference in this is there are actual vegetables in this pizza, that’ll please the mate of yours who wants the healthy option.

The crust in this pizza is left without the cheese but does come with packets of mustard and tomato sauce for that hotdog moment at the end. The sausage is not the most premium but is the same type you’d receive if you bought a hotdog at the NRL.


Pizza Hut Australia Head of Marketing and Innovation Fatima Syed said: “We are so excited to introduce these two new pizzas, both are not only great tasting but offer something for everyone – whether you like it a little bit hot or a little bit cheesy.”

Both pizzas are available nationally and for a limited time. We shared the two pizzas among a group of three and were unable to finish both, they are very filling so consider splitting one pizza with two people as a guide.