No matter if you use Siri, Alexa, the Google Assistant, or your own custom smart home setup there’s always a couple of legacy devices that are hard to automate due to its age and lack of ‘smarts’ – this is where Switchbot comes in, 

Switchbot is a device that can remotely toggle a manual switch on an appliance for you with your Android or iOS device, bridging the last mile between dumb appliances and the dream of automating everything in your house. You can even integrate Switchbot into your existing smart home with support for IFTTT, Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant support. 

The Switchbot can be applied to any switch, sticking in place with a simple adhesive patch and can work for turning certain switches on or off with an attachment in the box.  

The use cases are many, if the EFTM Man Cave Facebook group is any judge, with suggestions for uses including turning your old air-conditioner, heating unit, garage door or alarm on or off – heck tape one to the smoke alarm so you can silence it without looking for a chair when dinner gets burnt next time. 

Best of all, there’s a special on the Switchbot – you can get one for just $1 USD plus shipping ($9.99) if you’re a new customer – Thanks Michael  – for a grand total of $14.16 AUD (at the time of sale). If you’re really sold you can then buy the Switchbot at full price as either a single ($29USD) or in a 4-pack ($99USD). 

For $15 it’s worth a shot, but if you’re still not sold there’ll be a review up on EFTM as soon as this arrives.