Lots of us took the opportunity to go backpacking after school, and some of us were lucky enough to enjoy some amazing events during those trips. But imagine taking those ‘gap year’ trips and injecting them with cash and enthusiasm 15-20 years down the track. One EFTM reader is doing just that.

I was lucky enough to travel the world as a 17 year old and see IndyCar at Milwaukee and Detroit, F1 at Silverstone, Le Mans 24 hour race and loads of local racing in Italy as well as a visit to Imola the year after Senna’s death. I’m not sure I’d try and top that, but looking at what EFTM reader Paul has planned – I’m thinking of setting up a savings account!

Paul’s itinerary looks something like this:

  • Fly to Belgium for Spa F1 GP weekend, sitting on Eau Rouge with portable TV etc to keep track of the action
  • Next day Pick up a Fiat 500 rental car to then drive from Belgium to Nurburg to do 6 laps in a Clio Sport Cup race car with Instructor on the complete Nordschleife circuit
  • Next day do a full day tour of Nurburg in a Ferrari 308 taking in historical sites etc, museum etc then finishing off the day with a few more laps in the Clio on Nordschleife
  • Next day drive to Stuttgart to check out Porsche Museum, then onto Modena via the Swiss Alps
  • Next day full day tour of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati factories etc plus museums finished off with some laps in a racing Ferrari 360 on the Modena circuit
  • Next day head to Milan to then attend the Monza F1 GP for the weekend staying near Lake Como
  • After the GP, full day tour of Lake Como for some R&R
  • Then fly to Manchester for overnight stay to prepare for a day of road car, race car, Formula 3000 laps on the 3 Sisters Race Circuit which then culminates in 10 laps of a Formula 1 car in the afternoon

Proof that I too have visited the Lamborghini Factory! (Trevor)

Ok, so he’s seeing two F1 GP’s, driving some sweet cars on some amazing tracks, visiting some of the most prestigious car factories in the world the driving a series of race cars including 10 laps in a Formula 1 Car.

Can you imagine anything better?

For a motoring or motorsport fan this could possibly be the ultimate bucket list.

Total cost – around $13,000 including flights. It’s not that unrealistic really?

We’ll get photos, videos and thoughts from Paul on his return!