Build with Chrome lets you build Lego in your browser (and it’s awesome)

It’s no secret that we’re all huge fans of Lego here at EFTM. So when Google Australia and Lego partnered to create an in-browser Lego playset, we got very excited!

The project, called “Build With Chrome”, lets you select a plot of land on a map of Australia, and then use an interactive Lego builder to create pretty much anything you want.

Launched to celebrate 50 years of Lego in Australia, the Build with Chrome is not only a fine showcase of the powers of a modern day browser, but also an opportunity to explore your creativity. With roughly 1000 bricks to play with in each plot, the possibilities are almost endless.

Impressively, the program is only available in Australia and New Zealand at the moment, although Google and Lego plan on rolling it out around the world in the future.

And if you happen to have a glance around Milson’s Point in Sydney, you might see a somewhat familiar creation…

Web: Build With Chrome

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