ABC iView is one of the country’s few redeeming digital entertainment services. Free, multiplatform and intuitive to use, the service is now going properly mobile, available for iPhone and iPod users for the first time.

The ABC launched the iView app for the iPad a couple of years ago now, which suited the tablet’s use as a home consumption device nicely. But for the app to work on a phone, it really needed to be able to stream content over 3G in order to bring ABC content to people wherever they are.

To make this possible, the new version of the iView iOS app has introduced adaptive streaming, which will adjust the video quality of the stream depending on how strong the mobile signal is. It also introduces the ability to start watching a program on your phone and then seamlessly switch over to your iPad when you get home, picking up where you left off effortlessly.

This is an awesome development for the iView service. Now, if it could just get itself onto the Apple TV directly, I’d be a happy, happy man.

Price: $Free
Web: iTunes