Caught on camera: Showing the good, not the bad

It’s hard not to love those TV shows which use CCTV footage to show the stupid things that go on in our world, be it the crime, the fools or the foolhardy. In an interesting twist, one huge international brand is taking the opposite approach in a new marketing campaign by showing the good things that happen and are caught on camera.

Coca-Cola are asking us to “look at the world a little differently” through a minute and a half of ‘touching’ moments caught on CCTV all put to the tune of Supertramp’s classic “Give a little bit”.

You know what? It’s hard not to smile when watching this one…

We know it’s all for the promotion of a soft drink, but hey – you’ve gotta be ok with some good being done with content like this don’t you?

Web: YouTube

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