They were popular one year ago, and look set to be even moreso with a new range and new features. These are old school arcade machines for your home, but with modern tech and style. Arcase1Up have upped their game with a new range including larger and more interactive gaming.

Key among the new features is WiFi connectivity – not so you can browse the web on your arcade game, but so you can remote play with mates (or more likely other randoms at home who have the machine). Yep, your arcade machine can link to the internet so you’re online gaming with games from your younger years.

There are three new larger machines with WiFi connectivity, each costing $1,399.

The Simpsons 4 Player which features the Simpsons game from the early 90’s so you can play as Homer, Bart, Marge or Lisa with four simultaneous players for hours of gaming goodness.

If you’re looking for another game, this one also features Simpsons Bowling too.

Cowabunga baby – another option is the Turtles in Time 4 player. Bringing back the 1991 classic from Konami, this was the sequel to the 1989 TMNT arcade game (which is also included).

Play as Leonardo, Michaelangelo, Donatello or Raphael with up to four of you smashing away in the side-scrolling action.

And like the Simpsons game, WiFi enabled to you can find your fellow Turtles online.

Finally the X-Men 4 Player featuring X-Men Arcade, Captain America and the Avengers and The Avengers in Galactic Storm.

The X-Men 4 Player arcade game was an big hit in ’92, where you control Wolverine, Colossus, Nightcrawler, Dazzler, Cyclops or Storm.

And if you don’t have three mates around, turn on the WiFi function for online remote play.

The classic Captain America and the Avengers, plus The Avengers in Galactic Storm are also included as local play options.

These three machines, plus new 12 in 1 legacy games machines which have heaps of games built in a slightly smaller form factor are going to be popular this Christmas.

The New 12-in-1 games from Arcade1Up are selling for $799.

All these new machines hit stores in November, check them out at The Gamesmen, Arcade Gamer ,Catch, David Jones, EB Games, Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi, Kogan, Costco, and even TVSN