While many of us are still using 3D printers to make Raptor claws, Dubai has 3D printed an entire office building.


It’s the one in the foreground, not background

Part of The Office of the Future project in Dubai, this office is 250 square meters in size and is single storey. The design is extremely futuristic in style and contains innovations beyond just the way it was constructed. The office was built with a 3D printer 6 x 36 x 12 meters in size using special cement. Layer by layer the printer put the office together.

Interior 2

Building a house or office requires a decent amount of people coming together to do their bit. For this project here is the workforce used:

  • 1 person monitoring the printer progress
  • 7 people installing the building components
  • 10 electricians and a handful of electrical specialists to handle the technical issues such as electrical systems

Interior 3

Not sure how long it takes these days to build a house but this office was printed in 17 days and cost around $194,000 Australian dollars. This new method of “building” is low cost and fast, it has the potential to completely change the way the building industry operates and how building projects are delivered.

Totally insane, totally Dubai.