Mitsubishi Electric Australia has today announced voice control capability for some of its air conditioning products. The company says this is a step forward for its commitment towards continual innovation. 

All Mitsubishi Electric air conditioning units that have Wi-Fi Control will offer hands-free functions via Amazon Alexa and Google Home. As far as we’re aware this would be the first time this kind of capability has been made available in Australia. 

Many by now are playing music, turning lights on and off or checking the news or weather via voice commands. So, this innovation is just another layer of innovation for our increasingly smarter homes. 

As with all other connected products consumers need to simply link their smart speaker account to a Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control account. Once the two apps are connected away you go!

Atesh Mani the National Product Manager said, “We listened to our customers who wanted to integrate heating and cooling into their Smart Home. The addition of Amazon Alexa and Google Home compatibility to Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control provides our customers with a Smart Air Conditioning solution.” 

“Mitsubishi Electric Wi-Fi Control already provides great convenience. The ability to use a device to turn your air conditioner off remotely that is left on accidentally or the ability to precool or preheat your home before you get there can save energy by preventing excessive use. Now your air conditioner can be controlled along with other smart devices such as lights and power outlets.”

The feature is available in split systems, ducted and commercial air conditioning units.