Ever wanted to be one of those hard nosed reporters when you were young? Pissing off politicians and rifling through bins behind shady characters’ apartments in the middle of the night*? Well, here is how it works in reality.

Australia’s two main print media players, News Limited and Fairfax, announced some pretty heavy shake ups over the past couple of weeks. There will be a significant amount of job cuts across the board (Fairfax is saying 1,900 will go) while both will start to focus more heavily on digital media now.

That digital play will mean a massive shake up in the newsroom. The Australian today managed to published Fairfax’ new editorial direction which gives a great insight into how the new Fairfax newsroom will work. Among the details was one page in particular which gives you a 24 hour rundown of how the news will flow throughout the day.

If nothing else it’s a great diagram on how modern day reporting occurs and just how much effort needs to go into news production over a 24 hour cycle, especially when you have to take into consideration a website, iPad version, video content and the old school print issue.

Still want to be a reporter?

*This may not be what most reporters actually do.

Via: The Australian