If you thought you were having a torrid time on the road to and from work today, spare a though for some of the people caught up in this 18-car pile-up on the Antelope Valley Freeway outside of Los Angeles, California.

The crash was reported at 9:45am on Tuesday and involved two big-rig trucks. No deaths have been reported but there are injuries, including critical ones. The Daily News of Los Angeles is reporting that 17 people have been injured in the accident. Amazingly there was no fire, hazardous material spills or any other sort of toxic waste spillage.

It was apparently caused by a large metal table falling from a truck which created havoc behind. Around 50 emergency crew were sent out to deal with the accident. The vehicle which lost the table failed to stop and police are still searching for the driver.

The accident took place on a clear day.

Via: Daily News