This is not an understatement: The Neo is the biggest advancement to hammer technology since the claw.

The best thing about the Neo is that it’s such a simple improvement, anyone could have done it. But nobody did, until industrial designer Jung Soo Park decided to add a magnet to the bottom of the hammer’s handle.

Adding magnets suddenly makes the task of holding nails so much easier. How many times have you placed a handful of metal fasteners in your mouth while you hammer? Or needed someone to stand next to you, passing you nails as you go? This simple improvement makes those situations obsolete.

Brilliant idea, right? The catch (and there’s always a catch) is that Park has no plans to actually launch the product. You could always make your own my sticking a couple of magnets to the bottom of your hammer, but it probably won’t have the same sort of appeal as this one…

Web: Jung Soo Park
Via: Fast Company