Toyota has announced the pricing of the eagerly awaited 86 sports car, the first for the company since the 90s with the MR2 and Celica models. The two door Supra-style car is powered by a Subaru Boxer engine.

You’ll be paying $29,990 for the base model Toyota 86, and $35,490 for the premium model. The first run of the car is already almost completely sold out in Australia, with punters across the country putting down deposits even before the pricing was announced.

The Toyota 86 signals a return to the sports car scene for the Japanese brand, who has worked in conjunction with Subaru to make the car a reality. It’s previous sports cars, most notably the Supra and Celica, are held in high esteem for being reliable cars with punchy engines and good feel, even if they aren’t the fastest around the track.

Toyota aims to keep this reputation going with the new 86. Its Boxer engine won’t hit heady high speeds (226kph is apparently the top) but the rear-wheel drive car will try to challenge the best track cars in terms of feel.

The exterior leaves nothing behind, attention grabbing with its lowered chassis, aggressive front end and Supra-style rear with large twin exhausts. Inside it’s a very basic car looking like something more from the 90s. But Toyota wanted to keep the price down and make it all about the drive. If you were hoping to get a bit of luggage in the back or passengers in the rear seats, you can virtually forget about it.

We will be test driving the 86 around Canberra today both on the road and track. Check back later in the week for the full test drive report. First impressions: this could be the ultimate boy racer.

Price: From $29,990
Web: Toyota