What could the ultra-rich possibly have on their shopping list? A McLaren MP4-12C perhaps? Maybe a helicopter or private jet. A few houses or possibly a yacht or two? Now you can add a man-made island to the list.

Gabor Orsos has developed the Orsos Island. It’s a floating man-made island that will set you back a mere $6.5 million. Not bad value we guess, but what would we know, it’s not like there are any real competitors out there in the market.

So what does $6.5 million buy you in terms of man-made islands? You get a 20 by 37 metre barge type island with 100 square feet of living space. It has no motor but can be anchored anywhere you want really, so long as the appropriate authorities are notified.

The non-motor feature is not the only environmentally friendly part of the island. It also has solar panels built in and even a wind generator to keep the power churning for your late night raves or whatever else you would want to do on your own fake island. There is room to sleep 12 plus crew, so it won’t be a particularly big rave if that’s what you had intended on doing.

No Orsos Islands have been constructed yet but the first should be ready in around 18 months, with Orsos stating he has had a lot of interest from around the world, including Australia. Just how you would get such an island over to Australia is yet to be seen, but if our bank accounts were considerably larger than they are, we would put a deposit on one of these without doubt.

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