You want to travel short distances with ease but don’t want to get a scooter. An electric bike is just not your style either, right? Wrong. Check out the Stealth Electric Bike range, the sharpest looking electric two-wheelers we’ve seen yet.

Stealth Electric Bikes are not just a case of whacking a battery on a normal bike and pushing it out the door. Nor are they those weird tiny wheel bikes that fold up which people thought were cool for about a day and a half. These bikes are tough bikes, bikes that look like the special forces would use them, and bikes that will prevent you from breaking a sweat when you start to move up hill.

They come in three styles, the Bomber, Fighter and Hurricane and all look like a B-52 bomber crash landed into a BMX. Each bike has a different power output but the only figure you really need to know is the speed. These things don’t do the leisurely 25kph that most electric bikes do. Rather, you could find yourself hurtling along at up to 80kph (the Hurricane model) with the battery lasting up to 55km and only taking two hours to recharge.

Other cool parts? CrMO alloy frame construction, disk brakes (and you’re going to need them), suspension, fast-charge battery, zero emissions, and tyres that work great on both roads and tracks.

Cost? Well, you’ll have to discuss that with Stealth Electric Bikes as there are plenty of options you can throw on these things as well. Quiet Rush in the ACT and Amplified Silence in Perth are listed as stockists.

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