If it weren’t for my wife, I would never, ever sleep in a made bed. The effort involved with straightening sheets and blankets has never been my idea of time well spent. Perhaps that’s why I love the idea of the Ohea Automatico so much.

Created by Spanish furniture Ohea, the Automatico is the holy grail of beds in that it does the hard work and makes itself. A series of motors inside the bed kicks into gear every time you crawl out of bed, lifting your pillows and dragging your doona up into the nice “made” position. The entire process takes about 50 seconds.

The main pieces that are straightened and put in order are the following: the bottom sheet, top cover (duvet), and the pillowcases. The duvet, the pillowcase, and the pillow itself are straightened mechanically while the bottom sheet is kept straight since it is attached with Velcro to the mattress cover.

There are two bed making modes: Manual, which only works when you tell it to using a supplied remote control, or Automatico, which will kick everything into gear three seconds after the last person gets out of bed. Safety mechanisms kick in should anyone hop on the bed during the making process as well, so there’s no risk of the bed becoming sentient and trying to kill you off while you sleep.

There’s no pricing yet, but that doesn’t mean we don’t want one…

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