Personally, I’m a big fan of those self-service check-outs at supermarkets. I can walk around, get what I need, scan and pay for it all without ever having a conversation. I’m the king of the social situations, as you can tell. And now I can avoid the hyper energetic people in blue shirts at Apple Stores as well.

In America for some time now, they’ve had an option called EasyPay. It’s just arrived in Australia.

So if you are in-store you can grab an item, scan the barcode and pay with your iTunes account, all on your iPhone.

Clearly you aren’t going to be walking out with a new iMac just by scanning and using your iTunes account – they’ll still need to duck out into their magical room to get you one – but the concept is great for busy days in the local Apple store.

I assume though that the Blue shirt at the front of store will stop you and check if you really did pay for that new iPhone cover you’re walking out the door with!