The Ecovacs DEEBOT Robot Vacuum launched in Berlin earlier this year to much fanfare, a bunch of great features to suit almost all floor surfaces in your home – and as of today, it’s available at Harvey Norman stores here in Australia

It can detect carpet, it can “Drive” over rugs, and it can mop your hard floors using the included 300ml water cylinder.

Something for every surface, and the best part is it’s smart, very smart.

Next year it will feature Google Home support so you can summon your Vacuum to start and stop, but for now it’s going to make it’s way around your home and map every surface and every corner.

Using the app controller, you can even set areas to avoid – perhaps a spot where your pets like to rest, so rather than them robot annoying them, it will simply avoid the space.

This is easily the most advanced robot vacuum you can buy and at $1,299 it’s not cheap, but very good value when compared to the smartest models from the big brands.