We’re pretty big fans of iPad magazines. Those that are built properly give you some great multimedia options and additional material as well. And they just look so slick. Thankfully, Australian Men’s Health is one of those and it’s out now.

The iPad version of the Australian magazine launched today and features a whole stack of new stuff. While the content itself remains quite similar, EFTM has been told that there are small additions, particularly in the automotive section of the magazine, led by editorial director Bruce Ritchie. We’ve seen him at a few car launches EFTM has attended and can vouch for the fact he’s driving a hell of a lot of cars for your benefit.

Where Men’s Health Australia on iPad really comes into its own is with the design and layout. The team has spent a long time rebuilding it to fit well on iPad and include all the functionality you would expect from a proper iPad magazine.

“We know our readers love our exercise routines, for example, so we can now show the full range of movement through animation,” said creative director at Men’s Health, David Ashford. Add to that bespoke elements like a format-friendly contents page and a personal workout log, and I think we’ve created something that will really excite readers looking for their favourite magazine in digital form.”

Where Men’s Health may have some issues is pricing. A single issue will set you back $6.49 while a yearly subscription will be $64. While that’s a saving on the print version (which we still love), it’s a lot more expensive than some of the US and UK magazines on iPad going for $2 per issue and $20 per yearly sub. But you get localised content for the premium price. Is it worth it? Your call.

Web: iTunes (http://itunes.apple.com/au/app/men%27s-health-australia/id536438391?mt=8)