We reported on the weekend that Subaru would be taking orders for its BRZ sports car online only due to limited stocks – 200 to be precise – before the end of the year. The car went on sale today and within three hours all stock had sold out.

Subaru has played a blinder with its limited stock and not unsurprisingly sold out completely even though many of the buyers would never have driven the car – or even seen the car in person. Toyota, who will be releasing the same car (minor changes aside) under the ’86’ name had significantly more stock but still has a waiting list of up to six months (one EFTM reader was told 12 months). Under the immense interest this morning, when the BRZ officially went on sale, the Subaru Australia website crashed. It was up and running again a short time later although quite slowly.

The SMH reported that customer calls trying to leave the $3,000 deposit were turned away with the website being the only way people could order themselves some BRZ action. Now that all available BRZs have been sold out, EFTM tried to hop on and complete the online order form. While the website is working perfectly now, you can’t get past stage one of the ordering process as it won’t let you select a dealership. So if you want a BRZ and didn’t manage to nab one, looks like you could be waiting a hell of a long time.

The basic Subaru BRZ with no options added goes for $37,150 drive away. We’ll hazard a guess that a few of those bought today will end up for sale online at inflated prices when deliveries start. Here’s hoping it was only genuine buyers that got lucky.

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