Mates Rates: Up to 80% off Reeboks at Paul’s Warehouse

Sure, there’s limited sizing on offer and the range isn’t exactly huge, but if the stars align and you can fit into one of Paul’s Reebok slippers, the promise of “happily ever after” is just around the corner.

Most of the shoes on offer are around the 70 per cent off mark, which in all honesty is pretty awesome. You can grab an even better deal if you’re lucky, but given each pair only costs around $30, you’d be mad not to see if there’s a shoe in your size.

The catch is that there isn’t a wide range of colours or sizes available, so unless you happen to be the right shoe size, you’re out of luck. Still, it’s an awesome bargain if you can grab it!

Web: Paul’s Warehouse
Via: OzBargain

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