As EFTM’s resident beard expert (in that I have one), it’s fallen to me to tell you the tale of the new Philips StyleShaver, a device specifically designed for the bearded folk. Let us begin.

As any many with facial hair knows, keeping your beard looking spectacular requires regular care, generally with a combination of a razor and a beard trimmer.

Philips is trying to do away with the razor blade altogether with the StyleShaver. Combining a traditional beard trimmer with a precision styler and a dual-foil shaver, the StyleShaver looks to have all the bases covered for the bearded man. The trimmer has 12 different length settings, ranging from 0.5mm to 10mm, while the beard comb can be replaced with the precision styler for hard to reach places like under the nose.

Then, for those of you who hate neckbeards, the dual-foil shaver takes care of the stubble, leaving your neck hair and itch free.

The device is waterproof for men who like shaving in the shower – let’s face it, it’s easier to clean up in there – while the battery will give you about 50 minutes of cordless operation.

And so, my bearded brethren, the question is whether or not this is worth investing in to keep your face hair looking great. From the spec sheet, it certainly looks the goods, but until I’ve tested it, I’ll withhold judgement.

Price: $120
Web: Philips