F1 teams have taken a liking to using the off season and non race weeks to bring their F1 cars to the people, with Red Bull Racing leading the pack hosting a series of events around the world. Until now, these events have gone almost without a hitch.

The Williams F1 team this week headed to Pastor Maldonado’s home country of Venezuela to conduct what their announcement described as a “series of exciting events” in the country’s capital Caracas. Those events included home town hero Pastor Maldonado taking a Williams F1 car for a spin around the city’s most renowned national monument “Los Proceres”.

Following the Williams F1 Team twitter account has kept fans up to date with preparations, however it has gone remarkably silent after the event.

YouTube video is emerging of a demo gone wrong. Pastor appeared to either brake too late or take a late turn at the end of a long stretch and simply hit a gutter when spinning. Some pretty serious damage to the team’s demonstration car is obvious.

Pastor must surely be a tad embarrassed, and the team’s plans for the week in tatters.